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Web Apps

10+ years of experience in web apps development using front-end & back-end technologies including the frameworks such as (bootstraps, Laravel, cakePHP, etc.) (PHP,HTML5,CSS3,Js,) and also(mysql,mariadb,mongodb) Architecture and Administration.


6 years of experience in build and configure servers to serve my web apps projects like (Apache, Nginx, email servers (Mailenable, Hmailserver, axigen, mailtraq, icewrap, postfix, dovecot) and PBX.


Skilled DevOps Engineer with 5+ years (Smart home Group Sdn. Bhd., Embassy of republic of iraq/ commercial Attaché office and APR Center (M) Sdn. Bhd.) of Hand experience supporting, automating, and optimizing mission critical deployments, levering configuration management CI/CD and DevOps processes

Cyber Security

In depth knowledge in Cyber security Monitored organization’s networks for security breaches and investigated violations. Prepared reports which documented security breaches and extent of damage caused by breaches. Conducted penetration testing and located vulnerabilities in systems before they could be exploited.


Experience in web apps/scripts reverse engineering Demonstrating a deep understanding of high-tech investigation skills, techniques and tools necessary for conducting live forensics on critical systems, and being able to produce detailed analysis of the root cause of any incidents.

About Me

Hi There

As you know now my name, then is better to break the ice a bit and talk about my self, I am a guy who fall in love with the coding since i was in the primary school when my dad bought me the first pc ever for me which was the 286.
with the first command that i wrote which was dir and tree, i discovered the right way to spend the rest of my life with it, we agree that your career is about the way to survive but for me it is more than that,and i tried to change my path before but in somehow i will find my self back to coding
but thats gave me more understandable for my customers needs and how they wanna built them solutions, from the other side i am a big fan with cars and snookers plus reading.
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Mustafa Rehaef
+60 17-393 8852

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My Skills

Every Day is a New Challenge

My strongest point is PHP, i am still the guy who will open the note book and start write whatever inside my mind as a program, i cant say the laravel and other frameworks are bad or give any comment but still better for anyone to get the job done under the his own code, maybe sound is weird but if you open KALI and start make small research then you will understand why i am saying that.

In the other hand i do have a deep understanding for other languages and technologies such as HTML5,CSS, JS,Mysql, mongodb,NOSQL,mariadb, build mail servers under mailenable, axghin, etc.. and also i have a good EXP with PBX, docker,NAS,sandbox, mikrotix routers , LINUX-kali,Unix,windows server,dos,powershell.

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Cyber Security
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